Michael Scholz
October 27, 1972 to January 9, 2003
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Our Mission

The Michael Scholz Memorial Charitable Fund was established in the spring of 2003 to celebrate the passion for the outdoors displayed by Key Biscayne resident Michael Scholz and to honor the magical way in which he brought people together and touched their lives.

The Fund’s mission is to teach young persons how to preserve and protect South Florida’s fragile environment and ecosystem.  Special emphasis is placed on reaching youth who face challenges, such as those who live at or below the Federal poverty line, who are mentally or physically disabled or abused, and others who lack opportunities to experience South Florida’s unique tropical beauty.  The expectation is that environmental education will increase admiration and respect for nature, resulting in a desire to protect and better care for our fragile environmental ecosystem.

It is through the Fund’s diverse initiatives that young persons learn about the environment.  Example include a two-week camp in Key Biscayne’s Crandon Park, an effort to return endangered butterflies and moths to South Florida, a beach excursion for HIV positive children, and more.  See Community Action for more information.

Michael Scholz Memorial Charitable Fund
50 West Mashta Drive, Suite 3
Key Biscayne, FL 33149