Summer 2015,

Volume XII

Michael's Story 

        Born October 27th, 1972, Michael’s interest in and enjoyment of South Florida began at an early age. The abundance of outside activities and the unique tropical environment brought him ‘home’ wherever else he lived or traveled. 


        As a young man, Michael spent his leisure time enjoying all that South Florida had to offer such as boating, wind surfing, water skiing and canoeing. 


        Michael discovered his calling when attending Life University School of Chiropractic in Atlanta, GA. Upon returning home he established his own firm, Active Spine Centers. He was surprised and delighted by his success and frequently expressed his gratitude for all he had been given. He wanted to give back to those who had not been so lucky, especially to children.

Although he was taken too soon, at the young age of 30, his legacy remains strong with the Michael Scholz Memorial Charitable Fund. 




     The mission of the Michael Scholz Memorial Charitable Fund is to teach youth how to preserve and protect South Florida’s fragile environmet and ecosystem.  A key goal is to engage youth who face socio-economic challengaes who otherwise lack opportunities to experience South Florida’s unique tropical beauty.  Initiatives of the Fund are undertaken in South Florida with an emphasis on Michael’s home of Key Biscayne.


        In the spirit of Michael’s passion for the outdoors and love of children, Michael’s Magic Camp, a not- for-profit agency, launches into the 13th year. This year roughly 50 children from low-income communities are invited to participate in the camp at the beautiful Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center. There, the children enjoy four fun filled weeks during which they learn about our marine ecosystem and are given the opportunity to learn, observe, interact with, and impact the natural world around them.  Through enriching hands-on activities, the camp teaches these children how to protect, preserve and respect South Florida’s fragile environment. 





Adventure - Friends - Memories


The experiences these children have are ones which they will never forgot


        With trained counselors and naturalists by their side, the children learn about sea creatures and plants, marine mammals, and birds of South Florida. Exploring both land and sea, campers are given the opportunity to go on hammock hikes, mangrove slogs, sea turtle sightings, sea grass adventures, kayak excursions, snorkeling adventures, paddle boarding outtings, and so much more!


        Accompanied by lifeguard certified marine biologists, kids can escape the heat of the city and dive into the cool blue oceans. Their hands on experiences are invaluable and their memories will never be forgotten. For every student participating in Michael’s Magic Camp, a new environmental advocate is born, and another piece of Michael’s expanding legacy is put into place.




“Such wonderful things around you . . . 

under the sea!"

From the land to the sea, we invite you to join us on our upcoming adventures. Explore the ocean floor, gaze at the beautiful creatures which inhabit our waters, trek through our thick mangroves, and become little scientists with Michael's Magic Camp!
We hope that you continue to find our mission of providing an environmental summer camp for inner-city childrenin Miami empowering and a worhty cause
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